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Research Report of China’s Ketchup Market


The world tomato producting areas can be divided into three blocks - California Valley of US, the Mediterranean coast and China's Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia regions. According to the World Federation of Processing Tomato statistics, the output of the three major tomato-producing areas accounted for 85% of world production. Tomato paste processing volume in the future will be gradually transferred to North America and China, the current trend .....

Research Report of China’s Potash Industry, 2010-2020


China is one of those which have the greatest potential demand in the world's potash market and one of the largest potash fertilizer importer. In recent years, China's potash fertilizer imports situation is turbulent; at the same period, domestic production capacity maintained the momentum of rapid growth; domestic industry policy has been constantly adjusted; Chinese enterprises’ overseas investment in potash has entered a substantive stage o.....

Research Report on Application of D70 & D90 in the Market of Formula Milk Powder for Infants in China


China’s infant/young child’s formula milk powder market witnessed a fast growth from 2000-2009 thanks to various driving forces, and the market capacity rose from 106,000 tons in 2000 to 630,000 tons in 2009, an average annual growth as high as 22.90%.Three standards on infant/young child’s formula milk powder products are being amended, i.e., Infants Formulas, Follow-up formulas and Formulas for Special Medical Purposes Intended for Infants. .....

The Research Report on China’s Dairy Cattle Market


By far, the dairy industry has grown from small to big, however, compared with the mature dairy industry of developed countries, China’s dairy farming industry is still at an infant stage and should learn from the advanced countries. The dairy farming industry of China has a huge demand for foreign resource thanks to the accelerated transfer of farming mode and the related profound reform. Based on concrete data, this report illustrates the cu.....