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Smart Grid Technology Investments: Forecasts for 2010-2030

, Published: Feb-2011

Utilities will invest billions of dollars over the next 20 years in deploying their smart grids. This report identifies the major areas of capital and operational expenditure, and pinpoints the opportunities for technology suppliers along the smart grid value chain. It includes: Assessment of the drivers and barriers to smart grid deployment, and how these will influence market evolution. Identification of the principal areas of technology inv.....

Meeting the Challenges of Smart Grid Charging and Billing

, Published: Nov-2010

Utility companies today rely on legacy systems that were designed to handle simple tariffing schemes and batch processing of usage data based on quarterly or monthly billing cycles. These systems were not expected to accommodate complex charging paradigms based on hourly or half-hourly interval data produced by smart meters, nor to handle new challenges such as consumer energy microgeneration.

To cater for these and other envisaged smart.....

Assessing the Smart Grid Opportunity

, Published: Jul-2010

Smart grids will transform the electricity grid, enabling utilities to better deal with the supply and demand issues of the future and helping companies and countries meet the environmental challenges they face. Smart grids will revolutionise not just the utilities’ power infrastructure, but also their business models, the value chain, and the way people and businesses understand and manage their energy usage.Activity in the smart grid sector .....

Algal Biofuels

, Published: Feb-2010

There are many potential benefits from the development of new ways of selecting,growing, harvesting and processing species of microalgae. One of these is the possibility of producing biofuels (biodiesel, ethanol and other liquid fuels) using relatively little land (compared with traditional biofuel feedstocks) and in a way that would reduce the emission of carbon: growing algae can make direct use of CO2 emitted from other processes as an inpu.....

2nd Generation Biofuels

, Published: Jan-2010

Over the past few years, most of the alternative energy scenarios have nodded in the direction of biofuels as potential alternatives to petroleum as liquid fuels. The continued

growth in the global extraction of petroleum – at a rate needed to maintain our extravagant lifestyles – is becoming increasingly unlikely. Energy demand will continue

to grow, with the centre of gravity of global consumption shifting gradually to emerging e.....