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Pharmaceutical Pricing & Distribution in Japan, 2010 Update

, Published: Oct-2010

The author’s 2008 major title ‘Pharmaceutical Pricing & Distribution in Japan’ was described by PhRMA Japan as ‘a superb report…to understand Japan there is nothing better’. His new report packs all the essentials needed to optimise market access and life cycle management into 60 pages. Completely updated, it explains all the latest changes to the NHI pricing rules, including the important new price premium for developing new drugs/new indicat.....

Pharmaceutical Pricing, Reimbursement & Distribution in Poland, 2010 and Beyond

, Published: May-2010

Poland, the largest market in central and eastern Europe, has weathered the global economic downturn better than many other countries across the continent. Its USD 6+ billion pharmaceutical sector (at ex-factory prices) in particular has been remarkably resilient, with value growth in each of the past three years exceeding 9%, the second highest increase in the EU. Traditionally a market dominated by generics, imported originator brands now ac.....

Orphan Drugs in Asia-Pacific: From designation to pricing, funding & market access

, Published: Feb-2010

It is estimated that 6-10% of the world’s population will suffer from a rare disease at one point in life. On this basis, the markets of Asia-Pacific should offer great potential to companies developing orphan drugs. The region’s population is 4 billion, nearly two-thirds of the global total, so even the rarest disease will have many patients seeking treatment.

But clinical need rarely correlates with affordability, which dictates what i.....