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Strategies in Enhanced Water-Analysis and case studies from the US

, Published: May-2010

Data without interpretation doesn’t help you make decisions. And hence the bare number of a 9% decline in the US enhanced water market doesn’t explain the changing trends and likely future direction of the market.

The biggest trend is that low/no-calorie is fast changing the enhanced water landscape. For example, the biggest brand, Coca-Cola-owned Glaceau’s Vitaminwater, experienced a sales plunge of 22%. But Glaceau may have simply cann.....

Innocent Drinks: Seven Strategy Lessons From The Setbacks Of Europe’s Biggest Smoothie Maker

, Published: Apr-2010

Innocent Drinks rocketed from start-up to over $200 million in retail sales within eight years, creating a brand new category in Europe - fruit smoothies - and enjoying premium prices.

But between 2007 and 2009 its sales plunged by 29% (Neilsen), and prices were slashed.

It’s easy to blame the economic downturn for Innocent’s recent sales decline, but during the downturn many other premium health brands actually grew their sales by.....

Pom Wonderful: how innovation in science, packaging and branding can create a new superfruit category

, Published: Apr-2010

Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice is the world’s most distinctive beverage brand. First launched in 2002 in innovative and eye-catching bottles, its meteoric rise helped create a category which did not previously exist.

This all-new Case Study from New Nutrition Business delivers a close-up view of Pom Wonderful’s strategy and positioning and the lessons that everyone can learn from this extraordinary brand. Pom Wonderful’s marketing commu.....

Coconut water:innovation and natural health benefits drive a new category

, Published: Mar-2010

Every so often we witness the emergence of a new category - a product that is new to consumers, provides new benefits and is marketed under new brands. Twenty years ago the new category was Red Bull and energy drinks; more recently, probiotic dairy.

Today, coconut water is the fast-growing new category, with retail sales already above $450 million (€327.5 million), thanks to its strong isotonic, hypo-allergenic and all-natural health ben.....

20 Key Case Studies in Functional and Health-Enhancing Beverages 2010

, Published: Jan-2010

This report tackles this question using 20 case studies of beverage brands addressing a range of benefits - energy, joint health, sports beverages, protein boosting, digestive health, weight management and heart health.

Each case study gives our usual independent and opinionated analysis, based on interviews with executives at all of the companies concerned, as well as independent beverage industry experts.

The strategies that succ.....