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Korea’s O2O Market Report

, Published: May-2013

Executive Summary

Generally, O2O is known as the acronym for online-to-offline and recently drawing attention from many people. However, there is an argument over the specific meaning of O2O because the convergence between online and offline began years ago with the launch of the internet.

This report defines O2O as “the business attracting users of mobile and online network into the offline stores based on common platforms who.....

Analysis of Samsung’s Competitiveness in 2012

, Published: May-2012

Executive Summary

Samsung Electronics’ wide product line-up ranges from set products to components, encompassing semiconductor, TV, and LCD and LED display. In the global market, it has been presenting a successful growth in a tough business environment. For this reason, Samsung can be referred to as the benchmark for companies in development of successful business strategies.

Samsung’s sales reached a new high in 2011 despite rec.....

Asian Mobile Market Forecast 2012-2015

, Published: Feb-2012

"Among the Asian mobile markets, Korea and Japan by adopting 3G at an early stage, have been leading the region in terms of technology, and various kind of services providing diversified contents have been diffused within Asia. While the mobile subscriber numbers of Korea and Japan have been reaching saturation, the rest of the Asian countries are catching up to become the center of growth in Asia.

ROA Holdings has selected 10 countrie.....

Mobile Display Market Forecast and Manufacturer Strategies (2011-2015)

, Published: Sep-2011

"Mobile display has increasingly gained importance, together with the rapid expansion of smartphone market. From the aspects of environment, technology and business, ROA Holdings defines mobile display as “10-inch or smaller display customized to the mobile environment.” This report is particularly focusing on forecasting the supply and demand in the mobile display market.

By 2015, the mobile display market will expand at an annual gro.....

The Future of Mobile Display

, Published: Aug-2011

Smartphones have been shaking the global mobile market by innovating mobile handset usage patterns. Users are making full use of various mobile data services such as SNS, mobile web browsing, and applications particularly thanks to larger displays. As a result, data traffic is increasing exponentially.

In line with the changing mobile usage patterns, “Mobile Display” is emerging as one of the key hardware among mobile handset manufacture.....

Korean Mobile Market Dynamics and Forecast 2011-2015

, Published: Jul-2011

Market Forecast (2011-2015)

Based on the analysis by ROA Holdings, the number of mobile subscribers in South Korea will reach 52.57 million by the end of 2011. Replacement demand caused by the emergence of various new services is bound to be the major trend in South Korea, rather than the new demand. The average annual growth rate after 2011 is expected to steadily increase to 3.26% backed by the interest in multi-devices. In this situat.....