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The Apps Statbook 2011

, Published: Aug-2011

This is a comprehensive survey of the booming global “apps” industry.

“The Apps Statbook 2011” report has been produced to help you gain a deeper

understanding of this market.

Currently worth $7.3 billion this year, the apps market is set to double by

the end of next year and then to reach a colossal $36.7 billion by 2015.

The apps phenomenon has gone hand-in-hand with the ever increasing shipments

of smartp.....

The Rise of the ATSC MH Machines - Mobile TV in US, Forecast 2010 to 2014

, Published: Feb-2010

The US has been a black hole for mobile TV technologies. Attempts to bring DVB-H, DVB-SH and Satellite Radio versions of mobile video to consumers have all but failed.

Chipmaker Qualcomm has renewed its MediaFLO offensive having spent almost $1 billion in trying to find the Mobile TV sweet spot without much success.

So, is there any reason why new devices based on a mobile variant of the ATSC digital terrestrial transmission stand.....